ISASP Testing at Weeks Reminders!

Dear Weeks Families,

This is a reminder that we will start the state ISASP testing this Thursday, April 6th.  We need all students to be on time (8:30 AM) from April 6th through April 11th.  If a student comes in late they will have to make the test up later.  We will be testing each day from 8:45 AM to 10:30 AM.  We want parents to be aware that if your student has an appointment during this time we would suggest trying to reschedule.  The state testing policy states that once a student starts the test they must finish it.  If a students leaves in the middle of the test they will not be able to make the test up.

We are also asking that parents assist us with making sure that your student has their laptop and charger at school by Thursday morning.  Laptops and chargers will need to stay at school for testing each day.

Thank you!ISASP testing Starts this Thursday, April 6th

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