Weeks Sports Expectations

Weeks Activity Expectations

Academic Success

–Beyond simply maintaining eligibility, athletes will continue to work with their teachers to make an effort to improve their grade if they are not passing a class.

–Communication between students, teachers, coaches and parents is important to make sure                                                                                                that academic expectations are clear and that everyone is on the same page.

–Athletes should be leaders in the classroom, and demonstrate Weeks Strong, positivity, accountability and safety.

Responsibility with School Equipment

–The student should use school equipment in the manner in which it was intended to be used and take care of it.

Practice Responsibilities

–Students are expected to attend the practices of the sports they have committed to participate  in for each season.

–It is the responsibility of the student to let a coach know ahead of time if they have to miss a practice

–Coaches will use their discretion in handling missed practices and contests. If a student has a family emergency, illness or other                    legitimate need to miss a practice then the coach will work with that family.

Conduct and Behavior During Games or Contests

–Students are expected to show character in their conduct and behavior and represent Weeks Strong expectations

–Play fairly and within the rules

–Unsportsmanlike conduct will be addressed by the coach

–Ejection from a contest could result in further exclusion from future events.

–Sportsmanship toward all players, coaches, officials and fans

–Profanity – in practice or competition – will not be tolerated and will be handled by the coach


–Students will always remember they are representatives of Weeks Middle School and our community.

–Student-Athletes are expected to show this with:

— Respect of other school’s facilities

–Respect towards other school’s officials and fans

–Respect towards businesses they may come in contact with as we travel

–Students will return home with the team or with their parents:

-If riding with parents, parents must sign out with the coach.

-If riding with another parents, contact from parents must be made with coach