District Message:

We want to be clear. The last thing parents are expected to do at this time is replace teachers. We know you already have work you need to accomplish and you’ve added caring for children to the load. What we want to do is provide age-appropriate, high-quality resources, should you choose to have your student engage in learning activities online. This web site is meant to support, not burden, families.

DMPS@HOME is our online clearinghouse for digital learning resources. Within this section of our web site you will find educational tools such as links to other web sites that complement student learning and workbooks that align with classroom learning:

  1. Subject workbooks for grades PK-8 available here and  mailed to student households.
  2. Links to high quality, online learning resources.
  3. Optional activities and lessons in Canvas, the digital learning platform at DMPS.

All of these materials have either been developed or vetted by DMPS educators to ensure the support what students were learning in school before the start of the COVID-19 closure. Please visit the menu to the right to access the items listed above.

Des Moines Public Schools is changing an educational system that has been built over more than 100 years in a matter of a few weeks. We appreciate your cooperation and support as we are working hard to educate all children during a challenging time.