Special Education

Heather Anderson

Special Education Associate

E: heather.anderson2@dmschools.org

Sherri Fitzpatrick

Structured Learning

E: sherri.fitzpatrick@dmschools.org

Alyson Haidsiak

7th Grade Math Special Education

E: alyson.haidsiak@dmschools.org


Professional degrees:  K-8 teaching degree, Strategiest 1 Endorsement, Reading Endorsement, Language Arts Endorsement
Teaching experience:  Weeks 8th grade Special Education Math Teacher
Current position:  Weeks 7th grade Special education Math Teacher
Interests: Professional- working with kids on areas they stuggle with
Personal-  spending time with family

Amy Headrick

8th Grade Sped Literacy

E: amy.headrick@dmschools.org

Patty Hoyt

Special Education

E: patricia.hoyt@dmschools.org

William Hoyt

6th Grade Special Education Math

E: william.hoyt@dmschoolsorg

Angie Johnson

Special Education Consultant

E: angela.johnson@dmschools.org

Mary Love

8th Grade Special Education Math

E: mary.love@dmschools.org

Dawn Ludwick

BD Special Ed Associate

E: dawn.ludwick@dmschools.org


Been with the District for 5 years. I have my CDA, I have 2 more classes to finish my AA Degree in the spring. Then I will move onto my 4 year degree, focusing on Child Psychology and Behavior Disorders with my minor in Special Education. I would like to get my Doctorites Degree in Psychology and become a Behavioral Thereapist. I love working with the kids. I am also doing the Talent Show this year with MS. Thomason! It so much fun to watch and be part of the many different talents!

I also collect Anime, Hello Kitty and I love Zombies!! I am addicted to them!!! Anything Zombie I have to have it! My favorite place to eat is Zombie Burger of course!!! I love Halloweeen, it is my favorite time of year. At my house we always do a big production of a haunted house, this year we are doing a haunted maze!! Can't wait!!!

Melissa McDonald

7th Grade Literacy Special Education

E: melissa.mcdonald@dmschools.org


I graduated with a B.A in English from the University of Iowa.  After the University of Iowa, I lived and worked in Vicenza, Italy for 3 months doing an internship for Camp Adventure through UNI.   I enjoyed the program and signed on for another 3 month internship in Wiesbaden, Germany.  When my internships were done, I volunteered at an orphanage in Kenya called Light of Hope for 3 months.  I returned to America in 2008.  I graduated with my M.A.T in Special Education Strategist 1, Reading, and English Language Arts, from Drake in 2010.  I started working at Weeks Middle School in 2011 teaching 8th grade Literacy Special Education, and currently teach 7th grade Literacy Special Education.

Kevin West

Special Education Consultant

E: kevin.west@dmschools.org