School Supplies

Middle School Required and Recommended Supplies


General/All Courses  

Colored pencils

Pens in more than one color


EL Workbooks



6th grade math: IM Student Workbook [bonus: ruler, graph paper]

7th grade math: IM Student Workbook, ruler or notecard [bonus: graph paper, protractor]

8th grade math: IM Student Workbook, ruler or notecard [bonus: tracing paper (also called “patty paper”, graph paper]



Optional Supplies:

·         Scarf (1)

·         Jump rope (1)

·         5” Bean bag or animal bean bag (1)

·         Rubber coated ball (1)

·         Resistance Band (1)


Visual Art  

Required for Canvas Courses:

·         Pencils (2)

·         Set of Colored Pencils (12)

·         Set of Crayons (16)

·         Glue Sticks or Glue Bottle (1)

·         Scissors- (can be a pair from home)

·         Eraser Pencil Sharpener
Optional Supplies:

·         Watercolor set (1)

·         Markers (8)

·         Modeling Clay

·         Zipper Pouch to hold supplies

**Scissors and watercolor sets could be borrowed from buildings and returned each quarter