About Weeks

Weeks Middle School

Weeks Middle School serves 6th – 8th Grade students on the southeast side of Des Moines. We are a Demonstration School for Rigor, where students think deeply, solve problems, and learn together.

WeeksStrong Identity RGBWeeks Strong

At Weeks, we help our students learn how to make strong choices. Strong choices are Accountable, Positive, and Safe.

School Colors

Royal Blue and Silver.

  • Royal blue stands for wisdom, truth, and loyalty.
  • Silver stands for light, triumph, and joy.



The Torch

The torch is the symbol of leadership and knowledge which we hope our students will develop. Mrs. Nathan Weeks assisted the building principal in the selection of the symbol. It appears on the banner and seal on the auditorium stage.

The School Seal and Banner

The school seal has a picture of the torch on it and the school motto. 
The school banner contains the torch and inscription from the seal.

The School Motto

“Weeks Means Success!”

The School Pledge

We, the students of Nathan Weeks, 
do pledge our selves to help our fellow students; 
to spare no effort in developing and 
strengthening our school and to 
”Strive for Better Things and Finer, Fuller Lives”

The School Song

There’s a bright star shining in the sky,
Blue and silver proudly waving high,
That’s Weeks Middle School,
I am proud to call my school,
May the flame of it’s torch never die! Sez I
May our school with victory be blessed
And our spirit strong in every test,
We’ll be loyal and true
Whatever we do,
For Weeks. . .always the best.

School Spirit and Tradition

One must remember that it is the attitude and feelings of each student, teacher, staff member and administrator that truly determines how outstanding a school will be. School Spirit is the way an individual feels about his or her school. It is pride in your school and in yourself as a student in the school. It is believing that your school is the very best and it is you doing your part to keep it that way.