Weeks Canstruction Victory!

Weeks’ Gifted and Talented students organized a school-wide canned food drive for the Food Bank of Iowa.  With the donated goods the students constructed a display to bring attention to the issue of hunger.  In a competition among other Des Moines Middle Schools, our school emerged victorious with the best design titled “Imperial Star Destroyer”  The competition was judged by Science Center staff.

Here is what our fantastic students took away from the challenge:

Weeks Middle School Canstruction: Imperial Star Destroyer


The canstruction experience was both difficult and rewarding. We had to encourage our classmates to donate food items by making posters, creating power points and simply asking for a donation. Although this can drive was difficult we all get the rewarding feeling of helping those in need.

We had a series of meetings and we voted to decide the final design. The winner of the poll was the star destroyer from the famous series Star Wars. Not all of us wanted to build this but no one had a huge problem with it.

Overall, our team had a very fun experience with this canstruction event. We had some laughs while building our structure and we helped each other with posters. Our team enjoyed the canstruction event.

For this canstruction year we can all thank our canstruction team:

  • Anthony Cooper
  • Ryan Dunagan
  • Travis Dunagan
  • Gabe Ewert
  • Holden Gray
  • Joshua Moffitt
  • Antonio Nichols
  • Tori Pettinger
  • Kati Post
  • Blake Springer
  • Jonah Wilson
  • Andrew Yenzer

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