Prepare for Weeks’ Science Fair

Weeks Middle School Science Fair

December 9th, 2014

7th & 8th Grade Expectations

  • See the timeline for individual parts of the project
  • An experiment that has been repeated a minimum number of three times
  • A completed project board
  • A research report with at least five sources
  • Presentation to the science class
  • Participation at the Weeks Science Fair

6th Grade Expectations

Choice of :

Researching a topic

  • ie: Why is the sky blue?
  • Presenting to the science class
  • Display at the Weeks Science Fair

Completing a science fair project:

  • A 7th or 8th grade teacher will assist your child
  • Presenting to the science class
  • Participating in the Weeks Science Fair


Materials provided:

  • A white display board
  • Logbook
  • Project titles

Materials to be purchased:

  • Border
  • Letters
  • Double sided tape
  • Background paper
  • 3 prong folder for the research report
  • Anything else your child would like to put on the display board


Helpful Links and Resources

Create a professional looking graph for your project-

Help narrow down your topic- Project Selection & Parent Tab-

Experiment videos with Science Fair presentation steps-

Science Fair Tips-

Science Fair Project ideas-

Science Fair Project ideas-

Science Fair Example Project-

Contact Information:

6th grade:

Ms. Heller:

Mrs. Hubbel:

7th grade:

Mrs. Cavalier:

Mr. Graham:

8th grade:

Ms. Doyle

Ms. Kurth

Science School Improvement Leader:

Mr. Reeves:

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